Reproductive Services at Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center

Reproduction and Breeding Services

Breeding your horse is an exciting undertaking that requires the assistance of a skilled veterinary team. The Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center provides services for stallion and mare owners. Our reproduction division is headed by Dr. Dean Neely, a board-certified reproduction specialist and one of the pioneers in equine embryo transfer. Our team specializes in helping problem mares conceive by frequent and expert monitoring of the estrous cycle and ovulations.

The Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center Reproduction Unit provides advanced expertise in the breeding and health of mares and stallions and care of their newborn foals. Our many services include semen storage and transportation services, and evaluation of samples as part of the complete breeding program.

To help ensure pregnancy of your mares and fertility of your stallions, our facility offers the most advanced diagnostic and technologic procedures including:

Evaluation and Management of the “Problem Barren Mare”:

  • Professionals with skill for accurate palpation of mares
  • Ultrasonography procedures with advanced equipment
  • Speculum and endoscopic examinations of the mare
  • Rapid Uterine Culture, cytology, and laboratory procedures
  • Endometrial (Uterine) biopsy and histopathology interpretation

Hormonal synchronization of the estrous cycles for breeding via:

  • Transported-cooled semen
  • Frozen semen (requiring insemination very near to time of ovulation)

Equine Embryo Transfer:

  • Nonsurgical collection of Equine Embryos
  • Nonsurgical transfer of Equine Embryos
  • Synchronization of Recipient (Surrogate) Mares
  • Consultation on Donor-Recipient Synchronization and Selection

Diagnostics and Monitoring of Pregnancy Maintenance Problems

  • Close monitoring of the Early Embryonic Development during the first 60 Days of Gestation
  • Embryonic, Fetal, Placental and Hormonal Development during the entire Gestation